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The education system in this country is undergoing a paradigm shift to improve upon the employability factor. With the launch of the ‘Digital India’ initiative by the Government of India, skill development and capacity building has assumed greater significance.

 It is the preferred college for students from all hues and background to learn and hone their technical skills through constructivist pedagogy based on principles of good practices. With innovations in delivery of education and cutting-edge research, the GPM Chitrakoot is empowering students to build a better future.

 The world is witness as food, clothing and shelter are three basic needs of human beings but education is the tool to fulfill these needs and other goals of life. Hence, Education plays a vital role in every individual’s life so, it should be imparted for all without any discrimination.

 Education and Defence (‘Shiksha’ and ’Raksha’) should be measured equally for safe and strong foundation of tomorrow’s nation. Higher education, in particular, equips the individual with critical thinking and gives them a third eye angle which evolves a vision for sustainable development.

 In other words, all those who go for higher education should imbibe capability to conceive a thought of innovation, a project or a task and contribute positively to the betterment of the society. This approach to education would help individuals anticipate challenges and foresee the currents and cross-currents coming their way and be able to navigate through these complex situations effectively.

Under the dynamic and visionary leadership of  the Principal, GPM in the last few years has metamorphosed into a polytechnic college of repute, scripting an extraordinary growth story, which can be rarely matched by other organizations.  I encourage you all to be a part of this growth story and explore all that GPM Chitrakoot College has to offer!

            In our endeavor to promote greater transparency and accountability through increased use of technology and online services, I would like to request the users to provide their valuable feedback at gpmanikpur [at]gmail[dot]com as we believe that quality is not a destination, but is a journey to improve.

                             ASHOK KUMAR PURANIK


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